The Software Development Kit Manager

Meet SDKMAN! – your reliable companion for effortlessly managing multiple Software Development Kits on Unix systems. Imagine having different versions of SDKs and needing a stress-free way to switch between them. SDKMAN! steps in with its easy-to-use Command Line Interface (CLI) and API. Formerly known as GVM, the Groovy enVironment Manager, SDKMAN! draws inspiration from familiar tools like apt, pip, RVM, and rbenv and even Git. Think of it as your helpful toolkit friend, ready to streamline SDK management for you. 🛠️

Get started now!

Go on then, paste and run the following in a terminal:
curl -s "" | bash

By Developers, for Developers

Simplifying life. No more hunting for downloads, extracting archives, or tinkering with HOME and PATH environment variables.

Java all the way down

Install Software Development Kits for the JVM such as Java, Scala, Kotlin and Groovy. Ant, Gradle, Grails, Maven, SBT, Spark, Spring Boot, Vert.x and many others also supported.


Written in Rust and bash and only requires curl, zip, and unzip dependencies to be present on your system. Even works with ZSH too.


Operates seamlessly across various UNIX-based platforms, including macOS, Linux, and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on Windows.


New Clients can easily be written by consuming our open Broker API. Vendors can publish and announce their own releases through a secure Vendor API.

Open Source

Backed by a global community of developers.
Licensed under Apache 2.0